Joey Fabian is a San Francisco Bay Area

bassist/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, composer, producer/engineer/editor and bass/guitar instructor.

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As a bassist he has explored genres as diverse as Blues, Folk, Soukous, Progressive Rock, Reggae, R&B, Funk, Country, Bluegrass, Samba, SambaReggae, Bossa Nova, Rock, Heavy Metal, New Age and Punk. He has had the pleasure of performing and/or recording with critically acclaimed fusion quartet The Bartron Tyler Group, vocal powerhouse Paula Harris, Will Ray of The Hellecasters, rhumba fusion unit Cascada, pop singer Alana Davis, Bay Area guitar legend Terry Hiatt, Nashville singer/songwriter Erica “Sunshine” Lee and more. As a bandleader he ran R&B quintet “The After Dark Orchestra” and funk fusion instrumentalists “The Joey Fabian Quartet”. Since 2011 Joey performs at science conferences and like minded gatherings under the moniker “The Skeptic’s Jukebox”.


Joey’s base of operations since 2002 has been his music studio, The Tomato Farm. A number of tasks are performed there; recording drums for melodic death metal band Crepuscle, producing dividers for the “Safe Money” radio show family, composing 30 second musical backgrounds for the “Too Hard To Swallow” podcast, cleaning noise from audio for a yoga video, sound design and score for short psych/horror “The Knock”, recording voice talent for Brazil Air Lines in flight announcements, composing and performing children’s songs for “Vitamin Simple” or bass and engineering on a BMA nominated album by Paula Harris, The Tomato Farm can do it all. Pro Tools is run from a powerful iMac with an 8 channel Focusrite interface. Mics by Neumann, Aston, MXL, Shure, AKG and Audix. Strings by Fender, Gibson, Human Base, Matsuda, Takemine, Breedlove, Danelectro, Warmouth, MTD, Modulus Graphite, Rickenbacker, Regal and Rick Turner. Eames drum set, Sabian, Zildjan and Paiste cymbals. Tons of hand percussion from LP congas to mbira, udu, bells and shakers galore. Outboard and soft synths, 88 key weighted keyboard. A 32 channel Tascam M-2600 is available for live full band recording.

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Joey has been an in demand bass and guitar instructor since 1994. Besides his longtime association with Palo Alto’s prestigious Gryphon Stringed Instruments, in recent years his teaching skills have been employed by The Castro Valley School of Music and Mountain View’s Community School of Music and Art. He always has a select group of students that come to his studio, and he also teaches online.